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bioGo wants a world where companies value the environment

The number one goal of bioGo is to help people transition from single-use disposable products to long-lasting, high quality reusable alternatives. What we want, is a circular economy.

We take great pride in this mission statement. This is why you will only find bioGo products made from sustainable materials, with durability and functionality at the forefront of its design.

If we continue our disposable, single-use, throwaway culture, on the false belief that recycling alone is enough, our planet will not be able to sustain itself. A fundamental change in the way humans consume resources is needed if we are to maintain a healthy, natural planet for our children to live in.

More than ever people are starting to care passionately about a company’s ethics, and more specifically about their use of resources. bioGo wants to be part of a new wave of eco-conscious social enterprises that the well-informed, discerning eco consumer of the future is proud to shop from. This is why we only supply alternatives to single-use products, and why we donate 10% of any profits we make to Surfers Against Sewage.

Take our bioGo bottles for example. They’re made from infinitely recyclable stainless steel, and packaged in stylish recycled carboard tubes. Sustainable alternatives are possible and affordable!


What’s happening to our oceans?

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Not cool!

The reason for this? Our rampant throway society mixed with one of the worst pollutants in the world – plastic. 1,000,000 plastic bottles are bought globablly every minute. Every. Minute.

Why does that matter? Once plastic is made it can never return to nature. It will degrade over 100-500 years into microplastics, which is equally as dangerous! Before degrading, plastic will go on a murderous rampage on our lands and in our seas, entangling and chocking whatever they come into contact with.

Over 100,000 marine wildife die annually due to getting chocked by plastic. Over one million sea birds suffer the same fate! Source.

Did you know that there is a great pacific garbage patch? It’s 1.6 million square feet, more than 7 times larger than the United Kingdom! It has never been clearer that unnecessary plastic is destroying our planet.


What can you do?

One thing everyone can do is invest in reusable alternatives to single-use products you use! Preferably find alternatives made from sustainable, recyclable materials. We have coffee cups (in stock early Dec) and bottles to help you get started!

Vote with your wallet, don’t buy products from brands who’s practices don’t agree with your ethical views. Support the many growing social enterprises who only look to make money in a sustainable way that helps the planet. Your children will thank you for it ❤️ 🌍

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