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Plastic News – V1

Read some of the biggest news stories in the battle against single-use plastic. Every weekend we post a roundup of the best and worst news stories of the week. Enjoy 🌍

New footage of the devastating impact of plastic pollution on wildlife has been captured by a BBC team.
McDonald's will replace plastic straws with paper ones in all its UK and Ireland restaurants, starting from September 2018.
Plastic microbeads will be banned from bathroom products such as shower gel and toothpaste in Wales, after assembly members backed the move.

Funny headline of the week...

A town has celebrated becoming "plastic-free" - by unveiling a giant plastic banner.

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  1. Francis_Whano

    As The Four Topps sang in 1965, the article, entitled “The problem with all the plastic that’s leaching into your food – There’s mounting evidence that it’s a health hazard,” is the same old song – endocrine disruption – a myth that some academics and environmental groups are hanging onto for dear life, despite mounting evidence that the scares are unfounded. Let’s look at some of the claims. 
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