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The Helpful List of Zero Waste Swaps

I’ve worked on a helpful list of zero waste swaps. Let me know what you’d like added so I can update the list! If everyone adopted these small lifestyle changes, we would help avoid the production of an immense amount of plastic pollution and waste.

I have selected the eco alternatives based on durability, reusability, materials used and also I’ve taken price into account.

As always, think of checking the second hand market first, or if you can buy locally where you might have more control on packaging options.

Some of thee items linked will be affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through these links I will make a slight commission for referring you (it doesn’t impact the price you pay at all).

Cling film & plastic food baggies:

Cling film is a super easy swap that everyone can do! Instead wrap your food in beeswax wraps. There are vegan options too.

Plastic bags:

There are some great alternatives to single-use plastic bags online. Lakeland sell a beautiful set of robust expandable trolley bags and there are also some really great cheaper foldable options too!

Plastic toothbrushes

If you use plastic toothbrushes, every brush you’ve ever owned still exists somewhere. A harrowing thought! Instead, you could opt for these amazing bamboo toothbrushes which can be composted down the line.

Plastic water bottles:

Over 1,000,000 plastic water bottles are bought every minute, inevitably ending up polluting our beautiful planet. Instead of adding to this statistic, invest in your own reusable bottle. Our bioGo Bottles are the perfect bottle for the job.

Travel coffee cups:

Contrary to popular belief, disposable coffee cups cannot be recycled due to the complexity of the material layers in its design. If you like your coffee on the go, we strongly recommend investing in a quality reusable. Check out our bioGo cups made from rice husk fibre which would otherwise have been destroyed!

Toilet paper

Always look for toilet paper with recycled content. Who Gives a Crap are a great option for toilet paper with no plastic packaging. The paper isn’t made using trees, it is either bamboo or recycled. A great option for those worried about deforestation and plastic pollution!

Bonus – ecoegg laundry egg!

These laundry eggs are a great money-saving and more importantly eco-friendly alternative to washing detergent. They  last 210 washes, are safe for all fabrics and senstitive skin. There’s no reason not to use these!

I know I left some of zero waste swaps out so let me know what you’d add to the list! 

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